Ecrinal 2 in 1 Nail Polish Corail Nacré

Ecrinal 2 in 1 Nail Polish Corail Nacré

6 ml

ECRINAL® 2 In 1 Nail Polishes moisturize and nourish the nails. They help to increase the nail’s strength and protect against splitting. Much more than nail polish, these 5 gorgeou ... More info


The Ecrinal products are very diverse. The Ecrinal Hair products provide shiny, beautiful and healthy hair. You'll find a shampoo, a hair lotion and products against lice.
Ecrinal For Men
is specially developed for men.

In addition, there are nail products to help with nail-biting and various kinds of nail polish. Other things in the range are mascara and firming gel for eyelashes.