Etixx Isotonic Lemon

Etixx Isotonic Lemon

12x35 g Promotion

During sport and exercise, our bodies transpire. This is to ensure that our body temperature does not rise too high. Transpirating can affect performance. It is therefore important ... More info

Etixx Isotonic Watermelon
Etixx Isotonic Forest Fruit


Etixx offers a wide range of nutritional supplements to athletes to perform better. The different kinds of Isotone thirst quenchers, tablets, gels, capsules and shakes provides additional nutrients for your body such as vitamins, creatine, beta alanine,... Therefore your body gets more energy, power and endurance. The functioning of your muscles and joints are supported much better during exercising.

The range is split up into 5 product groups: performance, endurance, strength, recovery and health. Give yourself an 'energy boost' and discover the Etixx range below.